Sentence Examples

  • Most of its members were military officers, prominent among them being Majors Enver Bey and Niazi Bey, who directed the propaganda in Albania and Macedonia.
  • The former, described as Chaplains to the Forces, hold commissions, serving throughout the empire except in India: they include a Chaplain-General who ranks as a majorgeneral, and four classes of subordinate chaplains who rank respectively as colonels, lieutenant-colonels, majors and captains.
  • To 15s.; majors, 13s.
  • Majors India in the Fifteenth Century (London, Hakluyt Society, 1857).
  • Police duties are carried out under the direction of the royal police presidency, the executive police force comprising a police colonel, with, besides commissaries of criminal investigations, captains, lieutenants, acting-lieutenants, sergeant-majors and a large body of constables (schutzmanner).