Sentence Examples

  • To these may be added the industrial museum, the cabinet of coins, the museum of natural history, the collection of majolica vases in the new palace, and the Wurttemberg museum of antiquities.
  • The campanile (850-878) is circular, and has perhaps the earliest example of the use of disks of coloured majolica as a decoration.
  • There are manufactures of paper, hats, leather, ropes, porcelain, majolica, soap, spirits, and ornaments made of palm leaves and grasses.
  • At the beginning of the 15th century it went over to Venice; its industries flourished under Venetian government, especially its printingpress and manufacture of majolica, the latter of which still continues.
  • The collection of majolica in the municipal museum is very fine, and so is that of the Funghini family.