Sentence Examples

  • However, as the community grew and time went on, some of the "bad" secrets started to draw the attention of the administrators of LiveJournal, a community called "LJ Abuse."
  • LJ Layouts has a fairly large collection of LiveJournal blog layouts, most inspired by current pop culture trends.
  • By 2008, the community was completely shut down by LJ Abuse administrators.
  • Mercury calx was LJ .3 Bergman's symbolism was obviously cumbrous, and the system used in 1782 by Lavoisier was equally abstruse, since the forms gave no clue as to composition; for instance water, oxygen, and nitric acid werev 4), and e-f.
  • If then dl is an element of the path, putting dt = do/U, we have the average excess of pressure p = ° (to } pu 2) dt = Lj j (+pu2)dI.