Sentence Examples

  • To avoid excess baggage charges and the cumbersome process of juggling a lot of luggage, companies like Babies Travel Lite offer services that deliver over 1,000 name brand baby products to your travel destination.
  • Besides the Nintendo Wii, you can also find support information for other Nintendo products like the DSi and DSi XL, the DS Lite and regular DS as well as the other Game Boy systems and a general support site for older Nintendo consoles.
  • Not only did it feel great in our hands, it looked rather sharp and fit snugly into the stylus slot on the DS unit.Now the Nintendo DS Lite comes along and brings a longer, thicker pack-in stylus that sheathes in the side of the system.
  • Most of these programs have "lite" versions that allow you to log in and use a web-based version if you are near a computer but away from your own, and most smart phones, including Blackberry, have mobile versions of the programs.
  • To accompany the launch of the slimmer, smaller and brighter DS Lite, Shigeru Miyamoto and crew over at Nintendo let us go retro while looking to the future at the same time with New Super Mario Bros for the Nintendo DS.