Sentence Examples

  • At the evening service a litany is rarely used.
  • But in spite of the old man's litany of failures, Dean suspected he was holding back some­thing important.
  • In its lower part the Litany bears the name of Nahr elKasimiya.
  • From the flanks of Lebanon, especially from the heights which lie to the north of the Qasimiyeh or IKasimiya (Litany) River, the traveller looks down upon some of the finest landscape in the world; in general features the scenery is not unlike that of the Italian Riviera, but surpasses it in grandeur and a peculiar depth of colouring.
  • In February 1638, for the part he had taken in importing and circulating The Litany and other publications of John Bastwick and Prynne, offensive to the bishops, he was sentenced by the Star Chamber to be publicly whipped from the Fleet prison to Palace Yard, Westminster, there to stand for two hours in the pillory, and afterwards to be kept in gaol until a fine of Soo had been paid.