Sentence Examples

  • "Lin, we'll talk about it later," Lon told her softly.
  • A, Eolis papillosa (Lin.), dorsal view.
  • Lin I ters, 23 pounds.
  • A-She-ho, on the Ashe, with a population of 60,000; Petuna (Chinese, Singchung), on the Sungari, population 30,000; San-sing, near the junction of the Sungari and Mutan-kiang; La-lin, 120 m.
  • Besides run-nan Fu, the capital, the province contains thirteen prefectural cities, several of which - Teng-ch`uen Fu, Ta-li Fu, Yung-ch`ang Fu, Ch`u-siung Fu and Lin-gan Fu, for example - are situated in the valley plains.