Sentence Examples

  • This continuity of the down into the up stroke and the converse is greatly facilitated by the elastic ligaments at the root and in the FIG.
  • Those of Limulus were described and figured by Alphonse Milne-Edwards, but he called them merely " transparent ligaments," and did not discover their muscular structure.
  • The poison-bag lies on the side of the head between the eye and the mandibular joint and is held in position by strong ligaments which are attached to this joint and to the maxilla so that the act of opening the jaws and concomitant erection of the fangs automatically squeezes the poison out of the glands.
  • The coccyx and the sacro-sciatic ligaments, together with the muscles attached to them, have been removed.
  • The movable circuit CC thus hangs by two ligaments which are formed of very fine copper wires.