Sentence Examples

  • Cayley, " Memoirs on Quantics," in the Collected Mathematical Papers (Cambridge, 1898); Salmon, Lessons Introductory to the Modern Higher Algebra (Dublin, 1885); E.
  • It's the lessons we learned from the past.
  • We've both learned important lessons about ourselves.
  • The whole army was particularly strong in cavalry; out of the 450,000, 80,000 belonged to that arm, and Napoleon, mindful of the lessons of 1807, had issued the most minute and detailed orders for the supply service in all its branches, and the forwarding of reinforcements, no less than 100,000 men being destined for that purpose in due course of time.
  • Being especially interested in mathematical science, the father gave his son his first lessons; but the extraordinary mathematical powers of George Boole did not manifest themselves in early life.