Sentence Examples

  • But it seems possible that the tradition of marine nomenclature had never perished; that the 'AyaOov SaL�ovos vijvos was really a misunderstanding of some form like Agdaman, while Ni crot Bapouavac survived as Lanka Balus, the name applied by the Arabs to the Nicobars.
  • The hill ranges in Bellary are those of Sandur and Kampli to the west, the Lanka Malla to the east and the Copper Mountain (3148 ft.) to the south-west.
  • Very soon the No came to occupy in the estimation of the military class a position similar to that held by the lanka as a literary pursuit, and the gagaku as a musical, in the Imperial court.
  • They are called Piling Lanka, (foreign coins), from the Hindi tank - a, a rupee.
  • As might happen to any earth-lord, Indra is actually defeated in battle by the son of the demon-king of Lanka (Ceylon), and kept there a prisoner till ransomed by Brahma and the gods conferring immortality on his conqueror.