Sentence Examples

  • He returned to Aberdeen to paint landscapes and portraits for any trifling sum which his work could command.
  • His early landscapes were conscientiously painted in the open air and on the spot.
  • The botanical garden, with its large palm-house, the Hofgarten, surrounded with arcades containing frescoes of Greek landscapes by Rottmann, and the Maximilian park to the east of the Isar, complete the list of public parks.
  • The chief motives were landscapes of a peculiarly wild and romantic type, animal life, trees and flowers, and figtire compositions drawn from Chinese and Buddhist history and Taoist legend; and these, together with the grand aims and strange shortcomings of its principles and the limited range of its methods, were adopted almost without change by Japan.
  • Others see pictures of persons or landscapes, only in black and white, and motionless.