Sentence Examples

  • The kiddie condo loan program is quite similar to a cosign situation, where a person agrees to vouch for another person and pick up the cost of the monthly payments if the primary borrower cannot afford to do so for whatever reason.
  • In addition to these extreme water rides, younger guests can also enjoy aquatastic attractions at Cedar Point with Sir Rub-a-Dub's Tubs in Kiddie Kingdom on the Main Midway and the Bumper Boats ride near the Gemini roller coaster.
  • The park's rides are its most immediately visible attractions, and Wild Adventures has a wide range of thrilling choices, with more than 55 rides - from exciting roller coasters to fun family rides to quirky kiddie rides.
  • Great Wolf Lodge: The Traverse City Great Wolf Lodge features the four-story Bear Track Landing water park play area as well as an assortment of body, tube, and kiddie water slides, but the fun doesn't stop there.
  • A kiddie condo loan allows parents to purchase condos or homes for children while enjoying some of the benefits of an owner-occupied home loan despite the fact that the parent will not reside within the dwelling.