Sentence Examples

  • In this version of the basic Kong tale, the lovely lady is actually a child of the veldt; Jill Young grew up in Africa with her father in a wildlife preserve, and has been friends with the giant ape she calls Joe her whole life.
  • Only one of the original Young and the Restless characters remained with the soap into the 21st century.  In the early 1980s, Bell went through a period of writing out all the original characters, except Jill Foster Abbott.
  • Jill Sobule, on the other hand, wrote a song in the '90's with the same title that is a more realistic portrayal of romantic feelings growing between women - which starts out as friendship and moves into more intimate territory.
  • He is attacked by spores and forced to fall in love with Jill Ireland, and is subjected to the ignominious ritual pon farr as Gene Roddenberry tries to invent a reason why purely rational beings might be forced to have sex.
  • It didn't arrive on the market with the same kind of fanfare as the latest instalment of Resident Evil, but this horror game arguably blows Jill Valentine and crew clear out of the water.