Sentence Examples

  • The plain is watered by the Cydnus (Tarsus Chai), the Sarus (Sihun) and the Pyramus (Jihun), each of which brings down much silt.
  • Of the main stream of the Pyramus (Jihun) and near its tributary the Sempas Su.
  • East of the Bulgar Dagh the range is pierced by the Sihun and Jihun rivers, and their tributaries, but its continuity is not broken.
  • The range of Amanus (Giaour Dagh) is separated from the mass of Taurus by the deep gorge of the Jihun, whence it runs south - south - west to Ras el - Khanzir, forming the limit between Cilicia and Syria, various parts bearing different names, as Elma Dagh above Alexandretta.
  • The Pyramus (Jihun) has its principal source in a group of large springs near Albistan; but before it enters Mt.