Sentence Examples

  • It consists of five principal parts - the card, the needles, the bowl, a jewelled cap and the pivot.
  • The collar is formed of alternate roses with red and white leaves, and gold harps linked by gold knots; the badge is suspended from a harp surmounted by an imperial jewelled crown.
  • The cross is surmounted by a jewelled crown; the ribbon is orange with dark blue edging.
  • The badge consists of the double-headed imperial eagle with sword and orb; below it is the jewelled iron crown of Lombardy, and above the imperial crown; on the breast of the eagle is a gold-bordered blue shield with the Ietter F.
  • Numerous gifts from the Russian court, such as gospels lettered in gold and silver relief, or jewelled crucifixes, are preserved on the spot; but the valuable library was removed, in the 15th century, to Mount Athos.