Sentence Examples

  • Other designs may include the guardian angel alone with her wings at her side while holding a harp, an angel with her arms outstretched to you or an angel that is introspective and withdrawn.
  • Quiet and introspective water signs are often wooed by the zeal and passion of the fire signs, just as earth-heavy signs are wooed by the ebullient nature of air-people.
  • No man can exhaust by introspective analysis the hidden elements in his personality.
  • Subsequent psycho-physical investigations have all been in the spirit of his work; and although he consistently advocated the introspective method in psychological investigation, he was among the first to appreciate the help that may be given to it by animal and social and infant psychology.
  • Within the domain of consciousness introspective analysis is unable to discover those chains of necessary sequences which it is the province of science to investigate in the physical world.