Sentence Examples

  • Such interchanges are found as 1 for r, 6 (k, ch) for ~ (dj), final i for final e, a for e, a for o.
  • The fields of Tuscany for the most part bear wheat one year and maize the next, in perpetual interchanges, relieved to some extent by green crops.
  • Gaseous Interchanges and their Mechanism.Another feature of the construction of the plant has in recent years come into greater prominence than was formerly the case.
  • This system of intercellular spaces, extending throughout the plant, constitutes a reservoir, charged with an atmosphere which differs somewhat in its composition from the external air, its gaseous constituents varying from time to time and from place to place, in consequence of the interchanges between itself and the protoplaste.
  • Baeyers hypothesis was entertained by botanists partly because it explained the gaseous interchanges accompanying photosynthesis.