Sentence Examples

  • Intercepts picked up a call Talon made to one of his guys who we know plans his recruitment fairs.
  • On the other hand, the form of the third curve, with its large intercepts on the axes of H and B, denotes that the specimen to which it relates possesses both retentiveness and coercive force in a high degree; such a metal would be chosen for making good permanent magnets.
  • The total moment at WI, due to three loads, is the sum mC-Fmn--Emo of the intercepts which the triangle sides cut off from the vertical under W 1.
  • If these are first drawn it is easy, for any position of the loads, to draw the lines B'C, B'D, B'E, and to find the sum of the intercepts which is the total bending moment under a load.
  • De Spatii Sectione discussed the similar problem which requires the rectangle contained by the two intercepts to be equal to a given rectangle.