Sentence Examples

  • If you flood a dimly lit room with infrared light, the human eye will not see the IR light very well because the existing light waves (such as those from the moon outside the window or the light out in the hall) are much brighter.
  • While using infrared LEDs isn't quite as good as having electronic goggles that amplify faint light in a dark room, using this approach allows you to build your own goggles using only sunglasses and at a very small fraction of the cost.
  • Rather, select a well-constructed welding lens since these will usually screen out about 100 percent of the ultraviolet and infrared wavelengths that could damage your eyesight if left unprotected.
  • Before there were infrared space heaters, Amish space heaters and fancy faux-flame electric heaters, kerosene space heaters were one of the most popular choices for supplemental heat in American homes.
  • Because all of the heat is held within the heat exchanger, an infrared space heater's outside housing is cool to the touch, making it one of the safest types of space heaters in homes with small children.