Sentence Examples

  • A stinger that is stuck in the skin can be scraped off with a blade, fingernail, credit card, or piece of paper (using tweezers may push more venom out of the venom sac and into the wound).
  • Unlike biting insects, wasps leave their stinger in the surface of the wound, continuing to deposit the venom that causes a reaction when entering the body through the bloodstream.
  • You can find styles like urban tiger, digital, ultra violet, desert, retro, pink, blue, orange, woodland, stinger yellow, smokey branch, city camo, safariflage and more.
  • It's available in Hi and Lo and looks very similar to the Stinger style, but has more technical features, like a heavy duty all-terrain outdoor rubber outsole.
  • Wanneroo: Another boot that is similar to the Stinger and Outback styles and function, the Wanneroo comes only in chocolate crackled sheepskin.