Sentence Examples

  • Claude (C. R., 1899, 129, 409) found that for considerable inductions (B =15,000) the permeability and hysteresis-loss remained nearly constant down to - 186°; for weak inductions both notably diminished with temperature.
  • In many experiments, however, different inductions and frequencies are employed, and the hysteresis-loss is often expressed as ergs per cubic centimetre per cycle and sometimes as horse-power per ton.
  • The hysteresis-loss in Swedish iron was decreased for inductions below about 9000 and increased for higher inductions; in tungsten-steel, nickel and cobalt the hysteresis-loss was always increased by cooling.
  • Steinmetz's formula applies only for very weak inductions when the alloys are at the ordinary temperature, but at the temperature of liquid air it becomes applicable through a wide range of inductions.
  • The fact warns us against drawing hasty inductions as to relative dates from style and execution.