Sentence Examples

  • But the total value of his poetical work is discounted by the imperfection of metrical form, the presence of incongruous images, the predominance of the intellectual over the emotional element, and the lack of flow.
  • In 1776 three of the seven bays of the nave were pulled down, and soon after the incongruous western front was added.
  • Dr Wilde insists on there being "nothing incongruous with the laws of nature in the theory that the sun, moon and stars influence men's physical bodies and conditions, seeing that man is made up of a physical part of the earth."
  • Ray Lankester, have urged that the word is so firmly asssociated with historical implications of fixity which are now incongruous with its application, that it ought to be discarded from scientific nomenclature.
  • On the left-hand side of the front rises an incongruous brick-built tower, 278 ft.