Sentence Examples

  • Soon a green river winked at them playfully between rocks and bushes, and roared impressively as they entered the clearing at the mill site.
  • So far, however, there is no ethical difference between Christian faith and that of Judaism, or its later imitation, Mahommedanism; except that the personal affection of loyal trust is peculiarly stirred by the blending of human and divine natures in Christ, and the rule of duty impressively taught by the manifestation of his perfect life.
  • However, I know their presence will inspire me, and I shall speak to them as I always do: clearly, impressively, and majestically.
  • The close relation between finance and general policy is most impressively illustrated in this failure of benevolent autocracy.
  • But even more than in external nature, Hobbes was interested in the phenomena of social life, presenting themselves so impressively in an age of political revolution.