Sentence Examples

  • Here are the summer palace of the governor-general, many fine Moorish and French villas and luxurious hotels, all surrounded by beautiful gardens.
  • Hotels and villas were built in the new part of the town that sprang up outside the picturesque walled fortress, and there is quite a contrast between the part inside the heavy, half-ruined ramparts, with its narrow, steep streets and curious gable-roofed houses, its fine old church and castle and its massive town hall, and the new suburbs and fishermen's quarter facing the estuary of the Bidassoa.
  • All this space is filled with villas, gardens and hotels, and is a favourite summer resort not only of Alexandrians but also of Cairenes.
  • They went through the motions of checking all the hotels and flophouses in the city, but no one had seen Homer in the days preceding his murder.
  • Along the southern end of the Binnen Alster runs the Jungfernstieg with fine shops, hotels and restaurants facing the water.