Sentence Examples

  • While moms who don't work outside the home don't earn a regular paycheck, they do contribute to the family's financial health by providing childcare, cooking, housekeeping, and other services that would otherwise be paid for out of pocket.
  • In the intermediate and secondary departments there is a choice of six courses; general, teaching, farming, toolwork, housekeeping and household arts and business.
  • The New England Homestead (weekly; published by the Orange Judd Company), Farm and Home, a semi-monthly, and Good Housekeeping, a monthly (published by the Phelps Publishing Company), and the Kindergarten Review (monthly, published by the MiltonBradley Company, who publish other educational matter) are important periodicals.
  • Scoucn6cs, " housekeeping," "administration," ScoucE7v, "to keep house," "to govern"), the sphere of a bishop's jurisdiction.
  • Not without a struggle Henriette consented not only to the marriage, but to make her home with the young couple, whose housekeeping depended on the sum that she could contribute.