Sentence Examples

  • Besides the new story line, Star Tours II: The Adventure Continues will also feature a high-definition video, new special effects and an improved motion simulator, an orange StarSpeeder 1000 spacecraft.
  • The Motorola RAZR simply doesn't cut the mustard in a world occupied by large touchscreen displays, high-definition multimedia functionality, and multi-megapixel camera phones.
  • Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom is the new next-gen role-playing game that boasts high-definition graphics, a deep storyline, and is filled with pulse-pounding action and combat.
  • CARGO's blu-ray™ Pressed Powder is formulated for high-definition filming, and therefore it promises to look flawless no matter what the lighting or setting may be.
  • You may also want to look into bundles that include an HDMI cable so that you can take full advantage of the high-definition graphics offered by the PlayStation 3.