Sentence Examples

  • HDMI cables are the best cables to purchase because they provide both an HD signal and HD sound, provide you are utilizing the HDMI port on any equipment you are attaching to the HDTV.
  • Included in this price is a single PS3 wireless controller, media card reader, Blu-ray movie playing capability, HDMI out (with 1080p support), and that 80GB hard drive.
  • You may also want to look into bundles that include an HDMI cable so that you can take full advantage of the high-definition graphics offered by the PlayStation 3.
  • You do need high definition and widescreen in most cases as the information is transferred from the Apple TV to your television through the use of an HDMI cable.
  • You'll get the camcorder and a 5.0 megapixel camera, but no HDMI output (instead, there's DLNA wireless streaming).The dimensions are 4.58"T x 2.38"W x 0.54"D.