Sentence Examples

  • Interestingly, the two children were named after the two main characters, Heathcliff and Catherine in the heartbreaking Emily Bronte novel Wuthering Heights.Ledger's parents divorced when he was 11.
  • While Jessica's story is heartbreaking, if her experience leads someone to make a decision to stop using drugs or drinking while pregnant, then some good will come from it.
  • This is a heartbreaking story of 13 year old Lakshmi, who after living a relatively normal life of going to school and day dreaming about boys, is sold into prostitution by her cruel and gambling addicted step-father.
  • Many parents believe that the junior high and high school years are too young of an age to begin dating, thus forbidding it to avoid such heartbreaking situations.
  • There are single men who want to start a meaningful relationship, gorgeous women who aren't afraid to don a bikini, lavish dates and heartbreaking eliminations.