Sentence Examples

  • Word Games: Christmas trivia games, snowman hangman, holiday word searches, and Christmas crosswords are all popular games.
  • You can get the same Kenny Rogers gambling game in addition to Bible Hangman, Guess My Number, Virtual Dragon, Zamba (a dice game), iPhonus Cities, MindDojo, iLiteBrite, and more.
  • In this computerized version of this classic game, try to figure out the mystery word before the hangman figure is completed.
  • James caused it to be burned by the common hangman, and forbade its perusal under the 'severest penalties, complaining bitterly at the same time to Philip III.
  • (7) A Letter from a Person of Quality to his Friend in the Country, published in 1875 (included by Des Maizeaux in his Collection of Several Pieces of Mr John Locke's, 1720), and soon afterwards burned by the common hangman by orders from the House of Lords, was disavowed by Locke himself.