Sentence Examples

  • These could be hallucinations, couldn't they?
  • Keim) - " Veridical Hallucinations " ?
  • A person can either induce the pictorial hallucinations (he may discover his capacity by accident, like George Sand, as she tells in her Memoirs - and other cases are known), or he cannot induce them, though he stare till his eyes water.
  • We might expect persons who have experienced spontaneous visual hallucinations, of the kind vulgarly styled "ghosts" or "wraiths," to succeed in inducing pictures in a glass ball.
  • Dreams are sometimes explained by savages as journeys performed by the sleeper, sometimes as visits paid by other persons, by animals or objects to him; hallucinations, possibly more frequent in the lower stages of culture, must have contributed to fortify this interpretation, and the animistic theory in general.