Sentence Examples

  • Over the years, OLTL has attempted to rehabilitate the character through relationships with Viki (his revealed half-sister), Blair (former wife and mother of two of his children), Tea (former wife and attorney) and his daughter Starr.
  • Her interest stemmed from concern for her half-sister who had the disease and sadly passed from it, but Mackenzie Rosman continues to advocate for the foundation.
  • George found himself with a new group of interns when he failed his residency exam and Meredith coped with the arrival of her half-sister in the intern program.
  • The daughter of rock star Steven Tyler and half-sister to actress Liv Tyler, fame was bound to happen to this curvy model.
  • Dakota Jordan Pike is Michele Smith's daughter by her ex-husband Craig Pike, and she is Shayne and AJ's half-sister.