Sentence Examples

  • Irritated by his opposition, the Guises compelled him to leave the court, and he died on the 2nd of December of the same year.
  • Enabled Catherine de' Medici, the queen mother, to assert herself against the Guises, and become the regent of her ten-year-old son Charles IX.
  • He was well known to and favoured by both Catherine de' Medici and the Guises, and was very soon released.
  • He was simply Faust's "other self," appearing in various guises - as a bear, as a little bald man, as a monk, as an invisible presence ringing a bell - but always recognizable as the same "familiar."
  • France was helpless, the tumult of Ambroise alarmed the Guises for their own lives and power, and the regent, long in bad health, was dying in Edinburgh castle.