Sentence Examples

  • Each of the 121 runners will be ably backed by a support team as they undertake the grueling test of physical and mental fortitude.
  • High school tryouts can be grueling, consisting of a tryout routine, dance and even intensive interviews to find out if a potential cheerleader has the "cheerful" personality required of this sport.
  • However, if the grueling schedule you've set for yourself is starting to become something of a problem, asking yourself why you are doing it can actually help you think about the problem in a more creative way.
  • Consider fabrics like charmeuse, silk, satin, lace, and chiffon, and wear them anywhere-from your honeymoon or anniversary to just an average day when you want to feel like a goddess after a grueling time at work.
  • So remember, no designer spends a grueling four years in design school and another approximate three years as a slave to some high-end New York fashion designer just waiting to establish his own line so that he can adopt a "cheap" image.