Sentence Examples

  • Penck on a scale of 1: i,000,000, which has been undertaken by the leading governments of the world, the ground is shown by contours at intervals of ioo metres (to be increased to 200 and Soo metres in mountainous districts); the strata are in graded tints, viz.
  • When fermentation is completed the tobacco is graded, an operation carried out very carefully in the case of the better cigar tobaccos, and packed for export, cigar tobaccos in bales, and other kinds in hogsheads.
  • As a rule the mountain slopes are well graded and subdued, but a few are steep and some are rocky and precipitous.
  • Women have the right to vote in all elections relating to schools and school officers in cities, towns and graded school districts, and also the right to be elected to any local school position or to the office of township clerk.
  • The most significant canons are those directly affecting the clergy, wherein the clergy appear as a privileged class, far above the laity, but with sharply differentiated and carefully graded orders within itself.