Sentence Examples

  • Depending on your area of study, the length of your program, tasks involved in coursework, and even factors like the name recognition of your university, the total price tag for tuition can vary widely among grad degree programs.
  • Moreover, the quality of your sleek Coach accessory will ensure that this wristlet will last much longer than the romance between you and Mr. Red-Line, who will later turn out to be a depressive and overly coddled grad student.
  • Activities at grad parties frequently include music and dancing, games such as arcades, bowling, or casino simulations, and other fun options like palm reading, handwriting analysis, group pictures, and door prizes.
  • It's never a good idea to automatically eliminate a grad program from consideration because of its price tag, but it is worth taking the time to find out if there's a cheaper and better-quality alternative.
  • A PR grad must also have exemplary writing skills, since he or she will likely be required to draft press releases or even write news and magazine articles in any job that relates to publicity.