Sentence Examples

  • He is therefore a Chasid of the ancient type, and glorifies the ideals which were cherished by the old Pharisaic party, but which were now being fast disowned in favour of a more active role in the political life of the nation.
  • Xiii., a Christian writing of this period, glorifies this very prince.
  • In his elaborate defence of Judaism our author glorifies circumcision and the sabbath, the bulwarks of Judaism, as heavenly ordinances, the sphere of which was so far extended as to embrace Israel on earth.
  • His famous book (Discoverie of the State of Ireland) in which he glorifies his own and the king's exploits gives far too much credit to the latter and far too little to his great predecessor.
  • He glorifies Levi's successors as high-priests and civil rulers, and applies to them the title assumed by the Maccabean princes, though he does not, like the author of the Testaments of the Twelve Patriarchs, expect the Messiah to come forth from among them.