Sentence Examples

  • According to Abbe, a system can only be regarded as aplanatic if it is spherically corrected for not only one axial point, but when it also fulfils the sine-condition and thus magnifies equally in all zones a surface-element situated vertically on the axis at this point.
  • Just as technology magnifies our productive labor, it magnifies our destructive capacity as well.
  • The great objection to pantheism is that, though ostensibly it magnifies the Creator and gets rid of the difficult dualism of Creator and Creation, it tends practically to deny his existence in any practical intelligible sense.
  • The microscope magnifies the distance traversed as well as the organism, and although a bacterium which covers 9 - ro cm.
  • His fame has been somewhat obscured by that of his great minister Absalon, whom their common chronicler Saxo constantly magnifies at the expense of his master.