Sentence Examples

  • The best way for doing so means taking a look at what you will be using the magnifier for.
  • This magnifier is designed to attach to a lamp and is flexible enough to be adjusted and moved so that you can more easily view your needlework, knitting or any other activity for which your hands are in use.
  • At Amazon, you'll be able to find [several styles of magifiers that may be of interest, inlcluding the Miracle Point Eyeglass Magnifier and the 5 Jewelers Lopes Magnifiers Eyeglass Stamp Coin Tool set.
  • While this is not the type of magnifier that is worn over your existing pair of eyeglasses, you may appreciate the fact that each of the magnifiers in this set offers various magnification powers.
  • With the Miracle Point Eyeglass Magnifier, you'll love the fact that its design allows it to be slipped right over your usual pair of eyeglasses.