Sentence Examples

  • As each bard of each bardic family celebrates his favourite god he is apt to make him for the moment the pre-eminent deity of all.
  • He was forced to retire with the loss of 12,000 men, and a yearly festival in the town still celebrates the occasion.
  • In keeping with this, her festivals at Naxos present a double character; the one, full of mourning and sadness, represents her death or abandonment by Theseus, the other, full of joy and revelry, celebrates her awakening from sleep and marriage with Dionysus.
  • 5.) is that, whereas all the orders have reference to the body of Christ present on the altar, the episcopate, so far forth, is not a separate order, since a simple priest no less than a bishop celebrates the Eucharist.
  • Israel, led by the house of Aaron - this is a notable point - has emerged triumphant from a desperate conflict, and celebrates at the Temple a great day of rejoicing for the unhoped-for victory: in Ps.