Sentence Examples

  • Joshua blesses him and thus Hebron becomes the inheritance of Caleb (Josh.
  • After consecration the new bishop is solemnly enthroned and blesses the assembled congregation.
  • The uneducated mass of mankind, he complains, either " seldom reason at all," or " put passion in the place of reason," or " for want of large, sound, round-about sense " they direct their minds only to one part of the evidence, "converse with one sort of men, read but one sort of books, and will not come in the hearing of but one sort of notions, and so carve out to themselves a little Goshen in the intellectual world, where light shines, and, as they conclude, day blesses them; but the rest of the vast expansion they give up to night and darkness, and avoid coming near it."
  • But in the later, he takes only one pair, and subsequently Elohim blesses Noah and makes a covenant never again to destroy all flesh by a flood.
  • Balak meets Balaam and they go together [and offer sacrifices]; Balaam, however, blesses Israel by divine inspiration; Balak remonstrates, but Balaam reminds him of his message and again blesses Israel.