Sentence Examples

  • A quick read of the entrees reveals that all are garnished with Karam's Garlic Sauce, so addictive that Karam's has made it available for purchase online if you can't make it to the restaurant.
  • Metzger's offers a selection of brandy and schnapps as after-dinner drinks, and a dessert menu that includes its own Black Forest torte, a chocolate cake garnished with cherries.
  • All the boudoirs of that generation were garnished with divans; they even spread to coffee-houses, which were sometimes known as "divans" or "Turkish divans"; and a "cigar divan" remains a familiar expression.
  • The substance of that knight's alleged travels in India and Cathay is stolen from Odoric, though amplified with fables from other sources and from his own invention, and garnished with his own unusually clear astronomical notions.
  • Both the aspersions which these poets cast on her character and the embellishments with which they garnished her life passed for centuries as undoubted history.