Sentence Examples

  • The underlying goal is very similar to other sushi games-reach a daily goal to keep the restaurant going-but in the end, you want to create a sushi restaurant empire with six restaurants, take out and group reservations.
  • But most importantly, Petunia Picklebottom offers an entire line of backpack diaper bags featuring charming designs such as: Green Tea, Miso Lovely Roll, Coco Roll, and many other fun sushi inspired names.
  • Sushi Bar, located at Girls Go Games, has you running a restaurant hotspot in L.A. Gameplay is simple: as customers come in, you give them a menu, take their order, serve their food and take their money.
  • While there are several excellent options for Japanese food in San Antonio, I was impressed that Sushi Zushi paid as much attention to dessert as they did to all other parts of their menu.
  • World-famous cosmetics giant MAC has a stunning array of eyeshadow colors available, including such interestingly named ones as Sushi Flower, Pink Papillion and Deep Truth.