Sentence Examples

  • The position of these fringes will depend on the total retardation in time of the one beam with respect to the other; and thus it might be expected to vary with the direction of the earth's motion,.
  • In the west there is the great looped chain which fringes the east coast of Asia, and with it encloses the series of seas which form parts of the ocean.
  • Akhmim has several mosques and two Coptic churches, maintains a weekly market, and manufactures cotton goods, notably the blue shirts and check shawls with silk fringes worn by the poorer classes of Egypt.
  • Fringes, tassels, little bells and the like were used as decorations of the ends of stoles at least as early as the 9th century; but crosses in the middle and at the ends were rarely added during the middle ages.
  • The small independent river, the Var, drains that portion of the Alps which fringes the Mediterranean.