Sentence Examples

  • The wheels of the Conestoga wagons had been modified with wide rims to even the load on the sand.
  • The edges of these are now found encircling the mountains and forming a series of fairly continuous rims of hogbacks.
  • The drum, when round ropes are used, is a plain broad cylinder, with flanged rims, and cased with soft wood packing, upon which the rope is coiled; the breadth is made sufficient to take the whole length of the rope at two laps.
  • The pottery consisted chiefly of roughly-made vessels, some of which were of large size, others had holes under the rims for suspension, and many were covered with soot, the result of their use as culinary vessels.
  • The water which trickles over the rims of the pools and basins on the upper terraces is a transparent blue, while the formation itself contains a network of fibrous algae which gives it a wonderful variety of colours.