Sentence Examples

  • They were equipped partly with arms supplied by England, and partly with fowling-pieces, which at that period were superior to the small-arms used by the regular troops, and their intimate knowledge of the country gave them an immense advantage.
  • The most constant use of curled maple is for the stocks of fowling-pieces and rifles, as it affords toughness and strength combined with lightness and elegance.
  • Iceland was not agricultural but pastoral, depending upon flocks and herds for subsistence, for, though rye and other grain would grow in favoured localities, the hay, self-sown, was the only regular crop. In some districts the fisheries and fowling Mode of were of importance, but nine-tenths of the population M i lved by their sheep and cattle.
  • Life on each home stead was regularly portioned out: out door occupations - fishing, shepherding, fowling, and the hay-making and fuel-gathering - occupying the summer; while in door business - weaving, tool-making, &c. - filled up the long winter.
  • Fowling has somewhat decreased in modern times, as the fisheries have risen in importance.