Sentence Examples

  • 4 On the meaning of the word form in Bacon's theory see also Fowler's N.
  • At Pirna (and Lilien stein) in 1756 he caught the entire Saxon army in his fowler's net, after driving back at Lobositz the Austrian forces which were hastening to their asistance; but only nine months later he lost his reputation for " invincibility " by his crushing defeat at Kolin, where the great highway from Vienna to Dresden crosses the Elbe.
  • M.)/n==Authorities== - In Dr Thomas Fowler's monograph on Shaftesbury and Hutcheson in the series of "English philosophers" (1882) he was able largely to supplement the printed materials for the Life by extracts from the Shaftesbury papers in the Record Office.
  • With Fowler's hydraulic arrangement 2000 tons are raised 600 yds.
  • C. Fowler's Memorials of the Chauncys, including President Chauncy (Boston, 1858).