Sentence Examples

  • He now signalized himself by his dissolute life and the ingenuity with which he contrived to perpetrate forgeries and other crimes without exposing himself to the risk of detection.
  • Livy regards him as a less trustworthy authority than Fabius Pictor, and Niebuhr considers him the first to introduce systematic forgeries into Roman history.
  • The bestknown name in connexion with them is that of Onomacritus, who, in the time of the Peisistratidae, made a collection (including forgeries of his own) of Orphic songs and legends.
  • The letters addressed by him to Justin were forgeries, and he had not been guilty of any conspiracy.
  • The papal bulls granting the use of mitres before the nth century are all forgeries (Liturgische Gewandung, 431-448).

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