Sentence Examples

  • Verse 14), which would naturally be silenced by the overwhelming falsification of its comfortable predictions (iv.
  • In his pamphlet on "Insular Free Trade" the prime minister reviewed the economic history since Cobden's time, pointed to the falsification of the promises of the early free-traders, and to the fact that England was still the only free-importing country, and insisted that he was "in harmony with the true spirit of free-trade" when he pleaded for "freedom to negotiate that freedom of exchange may be increased."
  • He is indeed free from the grosser faults of deliberate Critical injustice and falsification, and he resists that temptation to invent, to which "the minds of authors are only too method.
  • The result is not highly favourable to either; neither can be taxed with deliberate falsification, but both have coloured and suppressed.
  • The other papal letters only rarely show signs of alteration or falsification, and the text of the councils is entirely respected.'