Sentence Examples

  • 574) as a fop and a profligate.
  • He wrote fables, allegories, satires, and a successful comedy of manners, The Swedish Fop. He outlived his chief contemporaries so long that the new generation addressed him as " Father Gyllenborg."
  • But only a literary fop can be detained by specks like these.
  • Napoleon was here defeated, and with only 30,000 men at his back he was compelled to renounce all ideas of a further offensive, and he retired to rest his troops to Reims. Here he remained unmolested for a few days, fop Blucher was struck down by sickness, and in his absence nothing was done.
  • He found that if two tones of frequencies p and q are sounded, and if q lies between Np and (N-Fop, then a tone of frequency either (N + I) p - q, or of frequency q - Np, is heard.