Sentence Examples

  • As well, the hills on the roof draw cool air into the center of the building, and skylights open and close throughout the day to bring sunlight to the exhibits - all helping to further reduce the museum's carbon footprint.
  • Whether you are able to live a completely self sufficient life, or simply take a step towards a more self sufficient style of living, every step that you take helps to reduce your carbon footprint and impact on the environment.
  • Other homeowners, not willing to make a complete investment, are still using solar power to decrease global warming by purchasing products such as solar power roof vents and attic fans to defer some of their energy footprint.
  • Home energy, which also includes heating and cooling energy needs, account for over one-quarter of your environmental impact, estimates Carbon Footprint Ltd., a company that provides services related to carbon management.
  • A pedestal sink will make the most of the limited space, leaving a small footprint while adding to the charm of the room, but built-in cabinets provide lots of storage space, which is precious in a small bathroom.