Sentence Examples

  • Other homeowners, not willing to make a complete investment, are still using solar power to decrease global warming by purchasing products such as solar power roof vents and attic fans to defer some of their energy footprint.
  • As well, the hills on the roof draw cool air into the center of the building, and skylights open and close throughout the day to bring sunlight to the exhibits - all helping to further reduce the museum's carbon footprint.
  • Organic farming and manufacturing produces less harmful runoff and leaves a smaller ecological footprint on nature, animals, and even people, which is an investment into our future that cannot be taken lightly.
  • If you are just trying to reduce your carbon footprint, and not introduce more plastic bags to landfills that will take 20 years to break down, you'll want something that can be used in a regular trash can.
  • Whether you are able to live a completely self sufficient life, or simply take a step towards a more self sufficient style of living, every step that you take helps to reduce your carbon footprint and impact on the environment.