Sentence Examples

  • The Gothic hall with rows of fluted pillars is in fair preservation.
  • The African cane-rats, Thryonomys, are large terrestrial rodents, ranging from the centre of the continent to the Cape, easily recognized by their deeply fluted incisors.
  • The double column, named from Professors Henry and Baird, is made of two fluted pillars side by side, the one 25 and the other 60 ft.
  • In circumference, entirely composed of crystalline carbonate of lime (satin-spar), fluted and snow-white.
  • Fragments of reliefsculptures belonging to the parapet and columns, and of fluted drums and capitals, cornices and other architectural members have been recovered, showing that the workmanship and Ionic style were of the highest excellence, and that the building presented a variety of ornament, rare among Hellenic temples.